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FRIENDZONE'SS ENTERTAINMENT is a website or web platform, 100% entertainment and commercials. You will find sections that are as follows: one (1) blog whose content relates to everything that relates to everyday life; you will also find videos and sounds. We offer you the possibility to send us videos and sounds from you or not necessarily from you for their free distribution on our platform; paid text ads, paid image ads, and paid text and image ads. Advertisements or ads of type text, image type and type text and image are visible on the platform for two (2) days for a fee or a fee of ten dollars USA (US $ 10) for these two (2) days. The payment of these various announcements is done by PayPal or Bank Card (Visa Card, Master Card or Others). For more information, please contact us through our two emails which are as follows : or !!!

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FRIENDZONE’SS ENTERTAINMENT est un site web ou une plateforme web, de 100 % de divertissement et d’annonces publicitaire . Vous y retrouvez les sections qui s’énoncent comme suit : un (1) blog dont le contenu se rapporte sur tout ce qui a rapport à la vie de tous les jours ; vous y retrouvez également des vidéos et des sons. Nous vous offrons la possibilité de nous envoyer des vidéos et des sons de vous ou pas forcément de vous pour leur diffusion gratuite sur notre plateforme ; des annonces de type texte payantes, des annonces de type image payantes et des annonces de type texte et image payantes. Les publicités ou les annonces de type texte , de type image et de type texte et image ne sont visibles sur la plateforme que pendant deux (2) jours pour un tarif ou un coût de dix dollars USA (10 $ USA) pour ces deux (2) jours. Le paiement de ces diverses annonces se fait par PayPal ou Cartes Bancaire (Visa Card , Master Card ou Autres ) . Pour tout renseignement, veuillez bien nous contacter à travers nos deux mail qui s’énoncent comme suit : ou !!!

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Dear visitors,
- FriendZone’ss Entertainment (fze) is an Information, Entertainment, and Advertising Website located at the URL of : Click .
- Promote your products for 2 days on FriendZone’ss Entertainment by paying US $ 10 through PayPal .
- We make more than 200 visits per day by adding the number of visits per day per advertising page . The same ads are repeated on every ad page . Over 200 people see the ads per day . Our visitors come from cities in countries on 5 continents of the world . Our visitors have the profile and the ability to pay for the products of your ads .
- Clear all browsing data from your web browser to be able to create new advertisements / announcements of the type Text - Image - Text and Image . Only image files in jpeg / jpg formats of less than or equal to 3 MB are authorized for advertisements of the type Image then Text and Image .
- For a better user experience, use a digital medium with a large screen such as a Computer, a PC or Others .
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